Our Story

La Maison Vienna Couture Canine was created by Montreal-based designers Mario Laliberté and Colin Bélanger, to fulfill the need for stylish dog by creating luxurious dog apparel, bringing doggie couture to the next level. Never mass-produced, our collection is hand-made in our atelier in Montreal.


About the designers

Mario Laliberte worked as a hairstylist for a decade in prestigious hair salons in Montreal before pursuing a career in design and illustration. Either designing for the corporate world or illustrating for children books, Mario’s desire to create is omnipresent in his life. That desire to create brought him to study tailoring and designing clothes for himself and friends. After adopting his first dog, a miniature Dachshund named Vienna, he decided to translate his love for dogs and creative notions into one-of-a kind dog apparel designs.

Colin Belanger is a successful hairstylist and business owner. He has studied and practiced, for over three decades, the art of knitting. Designing outstanding knits for himself and friends, Colin decided to take his passion to a different level, by associating himself with his long-time friend in creating the brand of La Maison Vienna Couture Canine. Colin brings something truly unique to the company and his designs and skills bring doggie sweaters to the next level. No other company offers hand-knitted dog sweaters with such details and quality.

Colin and Mario both design for La Maison Vienna Couture Canine, Mario is the artistic director and handles part of the designing and all the sewing, while Colin handles part of the designing and all the knitting and crocheting. Together, we combine our strengths, talents and craft to create amazing and unique pieces.

When you buy a piece from La Maison Vienna Couture Canine, you are buying more than a dress, harness or hand-knitted sweater, you are buying a piece of art, entirely created by hand. Our designs are 100% made by us, in fact, aside from the ribbons and crystals, most of the trim we use to create our pieces are made by hand. The faux fur trim on the harnesses or dresses is hand-knitted by us, the crocheted appliques are also made by hand.  Most pieces involve hours of work, as with the crochet pieces we make. These crocheted pieces are based on Mario’s illustrations, and can take up to 8 hours for Colin to recreate the illustration in crochet, to fit the size of your baby harnesses.